A shortcode is a bracketed expression (“[” and “]”) used to display dynamic content within a page. Dynamic content refers to information that changes at different intervals or generates HTML based on parameters.

For instance, a shortcode can be used to display the number of members on a website or the current date. These concepts evolve over time, and using shortcodes automates the display of dynamic content without the need to manually update the values.

Here are some examples of shortcodes:

[la_date format="Y-m-d"]
This shortcode will display the current date in the format “YYYY-MM-DD”.

[button url=" button"]Click me[/button]
This example demonstrates a shortcode that generates a hyperlink button. When clicked, it will direct the user to the specified URL (in this case, “”).

By utilizing shortcodes, website administrators can easily incorporate dynamic content into their pages, saving time and effort in manually updating the information.

Published date : 14 June 2023
Modified date : 14 June 2023


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